Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home Made Pizza Tutorial

This is my Home Made Pizza. Something My Aunt and I came up with a few years ago. 
It's Easy, QuickCheap and Delicious. It's a great idea if You want pizza and your either Broke, Can't Wait, They don't deliver to where you live or you just want something home made. Something you did with you own two hands.

It also makes a great Snack for KIDS and you can get them involved in making it. Also a good idea for finger food if You just have a friend or friends over and you want to impress them with your "skills" lol...Ok here we GO

First off lets list the Ingredients.

Hard Dough Bread.... Sliced

i only use Whole Wheat but you can use whichever u like.


Sausage or Franks or Left Over Chicken from a previous Meal. OR whatever other meat or Deli product You like or make it Vegetarian and add Cabbage or something to it ;)
(I like to use franks because cooked tin sausage tastes funny to me and franks are way better)

Ketchup... I like lasco ketchup =D . Probably the only thing besides the milk I like from them

Cheese... whichever you like but the Classic 'Cheddar' is what I prefer.

Sweet Pepper



and whatever else you have in YOUR kitchen that you'd like to add to your pizza really. It's yours, be creative.

Now first thing you do is light up the oven and let it preheat or if you have a Toaster Oven, thats even more convenient.... DO NOT use a Microwave, the results are horrible. Everything comes out messy and soggy...blah! D: 

Use a sharp knife Dice up your Tomato, Onion Sweet Pepper etc into what sizes you like, big or small.  Kids ask your parents to assist you with this because knives are dangerous

Cut the Sausages or Franks into small circles or If your using the Chicken just cut or mince it with your hands into whatever size you like. make sure there are no Bones in it.

Grate the Cheese

Butter the slices of Bread on Both sides. give it an Even Coat.

Cut the Crust off the bread. *you can cut the crust off before or after buttering. Just find it easier to butter with the crust on lol...idk, weird lol  =\*

This is important because after the bread goes into the oven the Crust of the bread gets VERY crispy, crumbly and kinda hard but if you like it that way You can leave it I suppose.

Now Squeeze a bit of Ketchup onto one side of your buttered slices of bread and use a butter knife and spread the ketchup to make an even coat.

Now you add some Cheese on top of it and then start adding your other toppings. It really doesn't matter which order.
After you finished putting on all the other toppings, Add more Cheese on Top.

You can also add some Bacon or whichever other type of deli meat you like 

What I like to do now is Cut them into Smaller bite sized pieces. You can cut them before or after you take them out the oven but I found it to be easier to slice before. You can cut each slice into halves or Cut them Vertically and Horizontally into smaller Squares or cut them Diagonally into Triangles....You can even add another Slice of bread and make it into Pizza Sandwich or a Pizanwich as I like to call it....or Maybe a Sandzza...I don't know! >.<

Now all you do is Carefully Transfer them to a baking sheet or Aluminum Foil. Should have mentioned before that it's a good idea to Make them ON the Aluminum foil or baking sheet to avoid a messy transfer.

Put them into the Oven/Toaster Oven and let them bake Until the Cheese is completely melted. It doesn't take long so don't let them burn! I'd say about 10 minutes... Just keep your eyes on it! 

They should come out looking something like this....
Use your Imagination >.<

When its done, you have tasty Snack/Meal/Appetizer depending on how many you made. Trust me! It tastes like Pizza! You can have them with whatever Drink you like :)

This is your first time Cooking with Chef FOXALOT... bye! 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thoughts Of a Realist

They always tell us that "Tomorrow aint promised so we should live for today". They also say that "Nothing's ever promised tomorrow today", now I don't know about ya'll but I think those two sayings are kinda contradicting each other. I don't know but shits complicated in my mind...Maybe I'm thinking into it too deep...

It's kinda confusing to me like how it was confusing to the slaves when they were told how disgusting they where by their slave masters but in turns to that they allow these same so called disgusting people to clean their houses, cook for them and take care of their children and how they raped our women and considered them an exotic treat.
Or how confused Rosa Parks must be in heaven, how she must cry each time these dumb asses (kool kids) fight for the back seat of the bus when she had to work her ass off and almost got it kicked because she refused to sit at the back of the bus anymore.

How confused the generation before X must be. Our people fought to open this door, barely bracing it open far enough so we could get through. Sacrificing them selves, left on the other side. They could only hope that we would be okay over there. Are we Okay over here? It seems some have come through but refuse to step forward, leaning on the door, smoking weed, with caps or hoods tilted over their face, guns and knives in their waist. No real ambitious future plans, just waste.  I can't understand this crap how the Africans ancestors got beaten or killed because they didn't want to wear those chains around their Arms and ankles and Necks and yet we disrespect, we turn around and we wear the chains around our Arms and Ankles and necks (literally and figuratively) how they might regret.

These so called modern musicians sing about all the ice, bling, and cars they poses and forget about why they really are musicians. just for the love and to uplift their people. They just rhyme on tracks and believe that that's music, well niggas been rhyming on tracks from way back. Those niggas that use to work on the train tracks, do you know that song "we've been working on the rail road". This was the real group The Chain Gang they called them. How in the studios they ask the producers to drop the beat on a nigga. Back in the days that wasn't such a good idea, a nigga would never ask for the beat to be dropped on them. 

This is just the beginning of the story, I promise i'll continue tomorrow but guess what "tomorrow aint promised so maybe I'll do it today and don't look forward to it because "nothings ever promised tomorrow today. BYE!... Maybe... I don't know...Am i still here?

This is Something, Everything and Nothing really! Just thoughts. It happened but it never did..... 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"This Blog, Right Here"

I don't know what to name it so I'm just calling it "This Blog, Right Here" =\

Before you start reading this lemme just tell you! Its a Trip! It might mess with ur mind and make you doubt everything you ever believed before. So *Morpheus Voice* "Do you want to Click The Red X here and stop right here? Or continue and see how far The Rabbit Hole goes?" See what i did there with the Matrix lines?....hahaha, anyway. Enjoy! or Don't!...whatever!

'the following post is not meant to confuse or offend anyone that belongs to the now discussed topic'

Oh yeah, if you read it! Pay Close attention to the stuff i highlight. 

The Sun 
The Sun has been worshipped from the beginning of time. Throughout history there have been thousands of carvings and drawings showing man's adoration for the Sun. It's Easy to understand why because every morning the sun rises and bring warmth, vision and a sense of security from the predator filled nights. 

Man also discovered that without the sun crops would not grow and all life would die out. All of this made the Sun the most adored object of all time....
 Look at him, so hot but cooler than everyone

Man was also Very aware of the stars and knew by studying them they could recognize and anticipate events that happen over long periods of time. Stuff like Eclipses  and Full moons. They Cataloged these into what we know today as Constellations
The Cross of the Zodiac is one of the oldest 'conceptual images' in human history. It reflects the Sun as it figuratively passes through the "12" major Constellations over the course of the year. It also reflects the 12 months of the year, the four seasons, the solstices and equinoxes. 

The term Zodiac come from the fact that the constellations were personified as figures or animals. Early man did not just study the stars; they personified them with elaborate myths involving their movements and relationships. The 'Sun' with its life giving and saving qualities was personified as the unseen creator or God... "Gods Sun".... the light of the world, the savior of human kind. Likewise the 12 constellations also represented places of travel for God's Sun and they were usually identified by names usually representing elements of nature that happened during that period of time. For example, 'Aquarius'- the water barer who brings the Spring Rains.


Yeah im sure y'all seen this guy in the Mummy movies before....

Horus was the Sun God of Egypt around 3000 BC. He is the Sun, personified through myths involving the suns movement in the sky. From ancient carvings in Egypt people have learned a lot about Horus. Like Horus being the Sun or The Light, had an enemy by the name of "Set" and Set was the personification of the "Darkness" or Night. Metaphorically every morning Horus would win the battle against Set. While in the Evening Set would be the victor and send Horus into the under world. It is important to know that Dark vs Light or Good vs Evil is one of the most common dualities ever known and is still expressed on many levels even today. 

Broadly speaking the Story of Horus is as followed.....
Born December 25th
of the Virgin 'Isis Mary'.
His Birth was accompanied by a star in the east
which in turn 3 kings followed to adore the new born savior 
at the Age of 12 he was a prodigal child Teacher
At the age of 30 he was Baptised by a a figure known as Anup and began his ministry.
He had 12 disciples he traveled about with
performing miracles such as healing the sick and walking on water.

"hope y'all know BC means 'Before Christ'" 

Horus was known by many names,,,,,,Like
The Truth
the Light
God's Anointed Son
The Shepherd
The Lamb of God and many many others

Horus was betrayed by Typhon and Crucified, buried for 3 days and then resurrected.

These attributes of Horus whether Original or not, seem to be common among many other cultures of the world. Lots of Gods have been found to have the same mythological structure. Like....

Attis of Phrygia - 1200 BC
Krishna of India - 900 BC
Dionysus of Greece - 500 BC
Mithra of Persia - 1200 BC
and the list goes on and on and on 

All the stories differ in some of the following but all have many in common.
Born of a Virgin
December 25th
East Star
12 Disciples
Performed Miracles

Many of them have these general characteristics but the question still remains. Why? Why The Virgin birth. Why December 25th? Why dead for 3 days and the Resurrection? Why 12 Disciples? To Find out, lets move on to the Most recent of the solar Messiahs.

Yes, him. The one who although was born in Bethlehem. Basically the desert where is ntn but brown or dark skin people originate from, he is portrayed in all his Images as a White hippy looking figure with long "a lot of the times Golden *blond* hair" 


Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary on December 25th in Bethlehem. Who's birth was announced by a star in the east, which 3 kings or wise men followed to locate and adore the new savior. He was a child teacher at 12. at the age of 30 he was Baptised and thus started his ministry. Jesus had 12 disciples which he traveled about with, performing miracles such as healing the sick, walking on water, raising the dead. He was also known as The King of Kings, The Light of The World, The Alpha Omega, The Son of God, The Lamb of God and many, many others.After being betrayed by his disciple Judas, he was sold for 30 pieces of silver, Crucified, Places in a Tomb and after 3 Days was resurrected and ascended into heaven.

First of all, the Birth Sequence is completely Astrological.
The star in the east called "Sirius" *pause* lol, y'all know 'Serius Satellite Radio' right? 

the Dog on the logo has a star on his Eye!....yeah... What they trying to say? They're the brightest star?.......anyway!!!

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and on "December 25th" aligns with the '3' brightest stars in Orion's Belt. These 3 stars are called today what they were called in ancient times "The Three Kings".

The 3 Kings and Sirius align and all point towards where the SUN rises on December 25th. "The 3 Kings Follow the star in the East to locate the Sun Rise on Dem 25" see that?

The Virgin Mary is the Constellation "Virgo" also known as Virgo the Virgin. Virgo in Latin means Virgin. Virgo is also known as the "house of bread" That's why the main sign for Virgo is a woman always holding a piece of wheat grass. 

This represents August and September, the time of Harvest. The term "BETHLEHEM" literally translates to "House of Bread". Bethlehem is thus referring to the constellation Virgo, a place in the Sky, not on Earth and that why this place called Bethlehem cannot be located huh?...well there you go....

There is another interesting thing that happens around December 25th or the winter solstice. From the Summer Solstice to Winter solstice the days become Shorter and Colder and from the Perspective from the northern hemisphere the Sun appears to move South and gets smaller and more scarce. The shortening of the days and the expiration of the crops during winter solstice Symbolizes the process of "DEATH" to the ancients. It was "The Death of The Sun" By December 22nd the Sun is at its Lowest point in the sky from the perspective of the northern hemisphere. On that date the Sun seemingly stops moving south, at least that's how it looks, for 3 days. For these 3 Days the Sun resides within the Southern Cross or the "Crux Constellation" and on December 25th the Sun starts moving again but this time North. Foreshadowing longer days, warmth and spring.....yeah, weird huh? but it's true!...anyway!

Thus it was said, The Sun Died on the Cross and After 3 Days was resurrected.
That's why Jesus and Numerous other figure these attributes and concept.

However they do not Celebrate the resurrection of the Sun Until "The Spring Equinox" or "Easter" because this is the time the Sun Over powers the Darkness and there after, the Days start becoming longer in duration than the night and Plants start to grow back and shit. 

The Most obvious of the Astrological symbols surrounding Jesus are the "12 Disciples". They are simply the 12 constellations of the Zodiac which him being the Sun, Travels about with. 

The Number 12 is repeated throughout the Bible. 
12 Tribes of Israel
12 Brothers of Joseph
12 Judges of Israel
12 Great Patriarchs
12 Prophets
12 Kings of Israel
12 Princes of Israel

The Cross of the Zodiac is also a Pagan Spiritual Symbol. 
This is not a Christian Symbol, Even though you might have seen it on many Churches, around peoples Necks, tattoos, tomb stones etc. 

Its actually just an adaptation of the Cross of the Zodiac. That's why in Many images Jesus is shown with the Cross behind his head because Jesus is the "SUN".... 
which is the Center of the Zodiac chart with the Cross. 
The Sun of God, who will come again. As it does everyday at dawn. The Glory of God who defends against Darkness "night". He can be seen coming through the clouds. Up in Heaven with his "Crown of Thorns" or "Sun Rays" 

In the Bible also there are References to "The Age"....Because of the Earths rotation and revolution, every 2100 years or so The Sun Rises pointing to New Constellation. This is an Age..... Before the time of Moses it was The Age of Taurus The Bull and Moses represents the New Age of the Ram "Aries". That's why when Moses came down from the mountain with the 10 commandments and saw them worshipping the "Golden Bull" he was so furious.

 Upon the new Age, everyone must Shed the old age. 

Now Jesus represents the Age after Moses, The Age of Pisces which is represented by "2 Fish"... 

Jesus feeds 5000 people with Bread and 2 Fish. Remember what i said about Bread earlier? Yeah.... 
When Jesus was doing his ministry work, he befriends "2 Fishermen" and i think we all seen the Jesus Fish on the back of peoples cars among other places. 

Also Jesus assumed Birthday is the start of this Age. 

In the Bible when Jesus is asked by his 12 Disciples when the next "pass over" will be Jesus replies "Behold, When ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you "Bearing a Pitcher of water".... Follow him into the house where he entereth in"

The Age after Pisces is "Aquarius" and  Aquarius is symbolized by a man bearing a Pitcher of water. When the Sun leaves the age of Pisces it will enter the house of Aquarius.
LOL, y'all hear bout the whole "The Beast" and how he will come in the new Age "In the form of Man" and the end of the world and blah!.... Well Aquarius is that that "Man" funny stuff. 

In the Bible Jesus says "I will be with you until the end of the world" and in the king James translation, 'world' is a Mistranslation among many mistranslations. The actual word being used is "AEON" which means.......... "Age".... yeah, Pisces/Jesus is with us until the end of the Age and then the Sun enters the Age of "The Man" Aquarius begins...... The End of the world is a mistranslation. Yeah lets tell that to Christians....Ha! 

Christianity is too confused with its self too. Whats up with all the Denominations? 

Maybe the Devil did all of this. Maybe created all these things in "Foresight" of Jesus and Christianity to Deceive Us...hmmnnn =\ Or God put them there to Test or Faith..... you believe what you want. >.<

I for one know that God is real. All of this couldn't be coincident and happened like the Scientist said. Come on! I just don't Do Religion but there is a God. A higher power. A creator. There must be some genius behind all of this. It can't be chance.

Is the Devil real? Who knows! but tell me this..... If God is all seeing and all knowing and knows whats going to happen before it even does like the "Christians" say. How didn't he know that the Devil was doing to do all of this? How didn't he see Adam and Eve eating the Apple coming? Why did he create imperfect beings like the Devil, if he was perfect he couldn't have gone evil and If Adam and Eve were perfect, they wouldn't have fallen for that whole snake trick. If it really happened like Christianity says. 

Basically God just stood by and watched all of that happen even though he knew it was. So basically Christians them self called God a "dick"... God Really love Mix up and Drama so? Christianity makes it look like we are nothing but God's toys and the earth is his set....Really Christians? Really?.....That's not nice.

I think he created us to make our own decisions and make our own faith. That's all I'm saying. He is awesome and if i could "High Five" God right now i so would! and here i Go calling God a him.... what if its a her? AWESOME! I mean women are symbols of creation, nurturing and beauty, so why not?

Next thing is, i totally have to give props to the Bible and whoever the people were that wrote it! Pure Genius! Best book ever written. You can learn a lot by reading it. The philosophy and the life lessons in it are abundant. I never once said you should burn your bibles because it really is a good book, just don't make it about religion. Someone should rewrite the bible and make it less about religion and more about
life lessons and stuff OR HAVE THEY ALREADY DONE THAT?....

Its strange as well that there were many Historians around the time of Christ but none at all have records of this miracle working Messiah. If i was a Historian and someone as awesome as him was around I'd definitely write about him.....just saying.

Most of the information Blog came from the documentary "The Zeitgeist - The Greatest Story Ever Told" and google of course cause i had to research this ish. 

P.S. I'm Clearly not Atheist.....i believe in God. Just don't do Religion. If i had to choose a religion it surely wouldn't be Christianity because of all the stuff above and even before i knew all of that i still didn't like them really. If i had to choose one I'd say ummmnnnn, I'd choose to be a MUSLIM. 

Don't stop praying! Keep praying people.... I just don't know about that whole "In your Sun's.... i mean.... Son's Jesus name" part... =\ 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Consequence of Sound

Consequence: A final or subsequent Effect determined by an Act.
Of: From, related or belonging to.
Sound: Vibrations in air, water, etc. that stimulate the auditory nerves and produce the sensation of hearing.

The Consequence of sound. The Consequence of not making a sound, of not speaking up. The consequence of not saying enough or saying too much. The consequence of saying something you never should have.

The Consequence of the lyrics artists put out in their songs, both good and bad. 

Do you know when to speak up? Do you know when to shut the fuck up? 

One of my favorite songs by a Brilliant Artist. I think everyone should list to and (Medz) this song: Regina Spektor - Consequence of Sound

Have a listen and Enjoy! :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fat Boy Slim

This right here is an old poem i wrote. Like 2007

I never had the courage to approach them at school.
They joked around a lot and I know they thought i dressed kool.
But I was just covering up
all the insecurities that came bubbling up
My weight had me stuck in an emotional ruk.
Like the time They Fat Alberted me
And in sixth grade They called me Fat Stuff. 

They called me fat and lazy
People thought it never fazed me
but it did
because i was just kid.
 It was kinda my fault
I like foods with sugar or a lot of salt.

I used to eat cup cakes, filled with cream
Until the Pills Berry Dough Boy walked into my dreams.
I  dreamt of being slim, trim and complemented by you
because the only fat people liked was my Phat Farm shoe.
Always tried to hang with the kids that were kool,
but I always messed up and made myself look like a damn fool.

People always said I ate for two
and called me the group or the one man crew.
Now I really regret for always bottling up
because even though i was fat, i could still kick your butt.

They can't deny it because they know that its true
I could play basketball just as good as them too.
Now the ladies rushing me,
some can't do without touching me.

I find myself going on dates
and most of them don't even know about my history with weight.
Im happy that i got rid of it and set myself free.
now im the kool kid and people want to be like me.
I still have the same amount of love for the people that did care
and same amount of love for the girls that though i was their Pooh Bear.
Thats a little part of my messed up past
and all the people that dissed me can all kiss my ass.

Girl just be careful of that Fat Kid you dissed. He might just turn out to be me ;) 

Oral Sex and Me/You/Us/Them

First of all lets start out by identifying the types of people who do and don't

Those who do it
Those who do it and are open
Those who do it and play hypocrite
Those who want it done to them but burn it out
Those who don't do it
Those who don't do it but want to do it
Those Who don't do it but don't have a problem with people who do.
Those who don't do it but pest and torment people who do it
Those who wan't it done to them but don't want to return the favor
Those who do it and don't want it returned *I don't know how true this is but I heard of them*

Am i missing any? I don't know, doesn't matter, sue me! Had this all planned out in my head but as soon as I started writing POOF! >.<...This shit random anyway! 

I don't see any reason to be bashing or scorning some one who practice oral sex even if you yourself don't do it. You might be surprised to know who does it. Some of your closest acquaintances, friends, your cousins, aunts, uncles, brother, sister....God forbid your Mom and You don't even want to imagine right? Yeah me either but too late!

Then you have some who do it and then burn it out and trouble other people who do. I call them "Hungry Hungry Hypocrites"... Come on! you know you want some crotch in your face. Some cum on ur Y'all need to cut that shit out, seriously! It's fine if you don't want people to know you Suck pussy or dick but don't go around playing a hypocrite and tormenting other people. It's best you shut the fuck up. No Comment!..... Know some of you are like. "Hold on babes, mek me write dah tweet here." "Bad man nuh suck pussy, fia pon all bow cat!" *send*.....*turns on background music 'Trey Songz - Sticky Face'*   "alright baby, come mek me eat that pussy for you :P"

A lot of people hesitate to come out and say that they do it or would like to do it because they are afraid of what people are going to say and maybe do. They are afraid of how their friends will react.

Honestly you really don't owe it to anyone to tell them but when you do, you will find out who your true friends are. If someone distances them self from you or completely unfriends you because of something as trivial as that, they weren't true friends to begin with. You also might be surprised at the people who will confide in you and say "me too" :D.... That easy, you found some company and you feel way better now.
Plus they say "confession good for the soul" don't?... I have this secret for so many people it's not even funny but I laugh anyway. Suppose I just start naming them right now, how would they feel? lol Nah im not gonna do that though. Plus the list would be way long yo.

Next on the topic is Ugly people and Oral Sex.
Seems lately a lot of ugly muggas are going around offering Head to people on the off chance they might get some sex. Listen, unuh need fi cut it out! Who you trying to frighten with that? I love getting head but I sure as hell not gonna take it from nuh ugly girl. After me nuh frighten fi head, hahaha! The ladies have been telling me that these unattractive dudes have been coming to them and messaging them saying stuff like "baby gimme a chance nuh, me do anything fi have yuh. Me eat you coochie for you" Thats just desperate and creepy! Any girl fall fi that is a damn sad case. She must be ugly and/or desperate too.

My personal view on Oral sex is.....Do it! Hey im not a fraid to say I do. Sometimes I get cravings for some poon. Thats how much i like it. I love getting head too! To the ladies that do it, I Love Y'all! <3...... If you do it, be proud. I mean why would you do something your going to be ashamed of? Makes no sense.

Wait till Vybz Kartel come out and seh him do it. U'll see how many people start fessing

You have the people now, especially the kids who are coming out saying they do it too, trying to fit in or be kool like its some kind of new trend. HA! I'm definitely not one of those. I don't know but from as far as I can remember, I never saw anything wrong with the act or thought it was gross. Maybe I was expose to porn at a very young age or something and it's been in my subconscious.

My question to both men and women: Do you give it? Do you want to give it? Do you want it done to you?

Do you you still put your hands up when the selector in the dance says, "from you know u never bow put u hand inna di ear suh!"?

Please comment and Share! Thanks! :)

Check out my friend’s post on this same topic (Click Here) The “Bowaz” Phenomena : To Suck Or Not To Suck?

p.s. this aint no confession for me. Anyone who knows me, knows i don't hide and talk it. Wonder if im gonna get any threats lol.. "Bow cat bwoii fox next time me see you, you dead"...Ha! I wish a nigga would. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Day After pt2

   Sucking the head and stroking the shaft with her hands. Making sure she used her tongue to massage the underside and putting pressure on it with her tongue ring. "yeah baby, thats it".
She started to go faster and deeper now. Her head bobbing on my dick. I noticed she was having problems with her hair as it kept going in her mouth and causing her to stop every few seconds to fix it. Being the gentleman I am, I used both hands to hold her hair out of her face. Maybe it was also for selfish reasons because it killed the buzz I was having every time she had to stop and plus I wanted to see everything that was happening. 

I could feel her saliva running down the under part of my shaft and onto my balls. She was being a naughty girl now. She stopped and looked at me "You like that?" she said. "mnhnm, I love it" I replied and she licked the head then put her tongue right above it. She moved her tongue in circles right above my dick, so the saliva drained from off her tongue and onto the head, then she went right back to sucking it. Going faster and deeper now with her tongue out. Occasionally making the gagging sound on the way down and slurping on her way back up. I don't know about anyone else but I love the sounds and it just turned me on even more. Looking up at me as she sucked my dick, she now had one hand rubbing my chest and the other cupping and playing with my balls. 

I knew Stacey gave head because she told me everything but I had no idea she was this good. She sold her self short when she told me about her skills. She was a pro at this shit. She stopped sucking for a bit, using her hands to stroke my dick. Breathing hard, she caught her breath and took a dive. She deep throat my dick and shook her head before she finally gagged and came back up and took a deep breath. She spit on it and went right back to sucking it, making that slurping sound I love....*bliss*..... This went on for about the next 10 minutes. It was becoming too much for me now. I held her head & stopped her because I knew if it went on any longer I was going to blow my load in her mouth and I wanted to sample that pussy first.

She climbed back on top of me and looked down at me and smiled and I smiled back at her. I held the back of her head and dragged her down and kissed her deep. She moved her tongue and licked the side of my face and bit onto my earlobe. I sat up with her still on top of me. I got up out of the couch lifting her with me and we started kissing again. I turned and placed her down in the couch, going down on my knees on the floor at the same time. We continued kissing as I massaged her breasts. It was time to get that boxer off her. I started pulling it off and she eased up so I could get it from under her. As I was taking them off I had my eyes on the target. The boxers were fully off now and she opened her legs wide as if to give me a better view... :p . Her pussy was beautiful. Well put together, no flaps hanging off or anything, cute! Not freshly shaved but recent. The hair was just growing back.

I moved in closer and started kissing her again, while my hand made its way up her leg, up her inner left thigh to her pussy. I stroked it, running my hand over her pussy and she slightly bit onto my bottom lip then started kissing me again. I used my thumb to find her clit and as soon as I touched it she bit down on my bottom lip again. I started massaging her clit with my thumb, she started breathing heavily and bit down harder on my lip. Using my other hand to massage her breasts. I nudged her to lay back and she let go of my lip and went back in the couch. Massaging her clit with my thumb I moved my other hand from her breasts down to her pussy and inserted my middle finger. I felt pussy hold on to my finger as she arched her back and moaned "ooohhh yeah!". I was now fingering her pussy with my middle finger as I massaged her clit with the thumb of my other hand. At this point she looked even more beautiful to me, almost glowing. She was grinding on the couch, moaning, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. 

I was sitting almost sideways on the floor now. I took her right leg and put it over my shoulder. Still rubbing her clit, I started kissing and licking her inner thigh that was on my shoulder. I started rubbing her clit a bit faster now and she was breathing harder and moaning louder. I moved my lips down her thigh, kissing and licking it. She used her leg to pull me in even closer until I was kissing right where her thigh started. Then I felt her hand on the back of my head, she gently stroked it but I could feel her nudging me towards her as well. Thats when I............*to be continued "Part 3" ;)*

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Day After

I woke up that Sunday feeling like crap, wondering what the hell happened? I still had on my jeans and socks from the night before and I could still taste the liquor in my mouth. I smelled food but I thought it was coming from the neighbors but now I could hear the sizzling of oil and the knocking of pots coming from the kitchen. I immediately thought "what the fuck?!?!" I knew I was suppose to be home alone because Mom was in Cayman for the week with my little sister to see her father. So who the hell was it? I got up and looked at the time it was 12:10pm.

I now made my way to the kitchen to find out who was in my house. My vision was still a bit blurred but as I stepped in the kitchen door I noticed someone standing at the stove in a T-shirt and boxer short. It was a girl though and the boxer shorts and t-shirt was mine. She turned around 
"You're finally up sleepy head" she said "Go have a shower, by the time your out I'll be finished with the food" 
All I said was "mnhnm" A shower might just be what i needed to get me out of this daze I thought to my self.

Even when I was in the bathroom it still didn't come to me as yet who the girl in my kitchen was. I turned on the water and stepped under the cold water and I started feeling better right away. While I was in there I was having flashbacks of the night before. Me and my friend in the club drinking, partying and wildin' as usual. Thats when it finally came to me who the girl was. I laughed to my self, it was my home girl Stacey.

When I came out the bathroom she surprised me with a hug and kiss on the cheek. As she let me go she told me to go sit in the couch and she'll take my food to me. It's a good thing she cooked because I was hungry as hell. I went and sat in the couch, I was only in my shorts. I grabbed the remote and start switching through channels. She came in and handed me my food on a tray and all with a cup of tea. Clearly while i was in my drunk state I had told her where to find everything and she had already showered and put on one of my boxers n t-shirts. She sat beside me and I asked where her food was and she said she already ate hers. I sat there and ate while we watched Nicktoons.

When I was finished she took my tray to the kitchen. She came back and sat right beside me with her legs curled up in the couch and put her arm under mine and leaned on my shoulder. I looked at her and noticed how sexy she was in my boxer and t-shirt. Her hair at shoulder length, petite model figure, long legs, skin beautiful and glowing and her perfect C cup boobs.  She smelled really good too, except for the faint scent of cigarettes in her hair. You know how it is when your in the club; you don't have to be smoking to come out smelling like you were.  

I kissed her on the forehead and she shifted and leaned in on me more. She looked up at me and caught me staring at her breasts so prominent in that shirt she had on. She said "what?" as she giggled and used her hand to nudge my head way. I turned back and used my finger to jokingly poke her tit with my finger and laughed out. She laughed and said "oh my God, stop it you perv!" as she giggled. 
I laughed and replied "stop acting like you don't love it" and stuck my tongue out :p as i poked her tit again. We both chuckled. I don't know what came over me, I put my index finger under her chin and turned her head towards me, looked at her, closed my eyes, leaned in and kissed her on her lips. She backed off and looked at me and I immediately thought "oh no, what did i do, she didn't like it" but before I could say anything she leaned in on me and started kissing me. I slide my self down in the couch to a reclined position and she climbed on top of me, kissing me deeper. Now tongue action was in play, as we kissed passionately. I loved how her tongue ring felt against my tongue.

 I reached back and gripped her ass with both hands firmly. By now my dick was fully erect and hard as she grind on it through my shorts. Slapped her ass and she moaned, looked at me. She just looked in my eyes and smiled as she was grinding on me. I put my hands under the t-shirt and started massaging her breasts and she started to breath deeper  with her mouth open. She leaned up and took the shirt off and i said "oh yeah" and she came back down and kissed me again before she came up and put her boobs in my face. I reached up and grabbed them both and used the tip of my tongue to play with her nipples. I could hear her breathing harder now as she started to grind on me faster. 

I sucked and licked on her nipples for some time as she moaned before she finally sat up and i noticed she also had one hand in her boxer and the crotch was wet. She took her hand out, opened her mouth, stuck her tongue out & put her middle & index in and sucked on them as if she was performing oral sex on them.
She came down and kissed me on my neck & ran her tongue from there to my chest and started sucking on my left nipple. It's always a strange feeling but really good at the same time. My toes were curled and i was breathing hard.

She then went all the way down and she grabbed the waist of my shorts with both hands stretching it down. She looked up at me and licked her lips and my dick jumped. I was excited, thinking to my self "is she really about to do what i think?"... She was still looking up at me as she opened her mouth wide and lightly bit my dick through my shorts and moved her head side to side. She ltet go giggled and stuck her tongue out as she pulled my short down. My cock sprung out and she grabbed it with one hand, looked at it & smiled. She looked up at me & stuck her tongue ring out and flicked her tongue beside my dick, teasing me. Then I saw her head go down and I felt the tip of her tongue at the base of my dick, doing circle motions and I heard my toes pop. It felt amazing! She started to make her way up, running the tip of her tongue from the base of my cock, up the shaft right to the head. 

I was breathing hard and biting my tongue now, she looked me in my eyes as she opened her mouth and put it over the head of my dick and started sucking on it and moving her head from side to side..... (to be continued)